Thursday, February 14, 2008

red coat white snow

Could Cubby's red coat be anymore perfect for snow pictures? I had that in mind when I bought it.

After some convincing and a promise of a Grover movie and a fancy Valentine's Day dinner of cereal I got the boys to come outside. Layers and layers later we made it out! Blake wanted to wear a scarf more than anything in the world so I wrapped a scarf around him nice a snug. Apparently it was a little too snug because less than a minute later he was "choking so bad from his too tight scarf" It took some tweeking but now he "loves wearing scarves." This snow is so beautiful being from Southern California snow is something of a myth to us. The highway to our house is closed so Zach is stuck in town so this is going to be as romantic of a Valentine's day as I make it for myself. Overall it has been a good day; we ate cake balls, gave flowers to some thankful teachers, taught Cubs to say "Happy Va-en-tines" danced a lot, played in the snow, visited friends, bought books, got a kite, gave lots of kisses, played in the snow and had cereal for dinner!
Happy Valentine's Day!
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