Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First "Tutorial"

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The Spouse is working out of town for a few weeks. While he is gone I am responsible for; buying a house/ moving/ trying not too go crazy/ keeping the children alive. I love tutorials on other blogs and have been wanting to do one of my own. While this is not the beautiful crafty tutorial I was dreaming of I figure I will help the other women who find themselves in my situation. Here it goes, my first tutorial.....

What to do when you spill a bag of about 100 marbles all over the kitchen floor for the second time
1) Cry, the sloppier and more ridiculous the more effective.
2) Curse, pull out all of the stops, come on you can do it, it is interesting how many nasty things one can call a shitload of marbles.
3) Clean up (the marbles and yourself)resist the urge to throw the bag in the garbage.
4) Take a picture of them on the counter, you must document this breakdown for future reference. (spill a few marbles, point, focus, click)
5) Wait for a friend to bring Greek Food (Greek can be replaced by the fattening foreign food of your choice)
6) Knit, chat and laugh with friends. Fiber, embarrassing stories, trashy mags always heal.
7) Blog.
This tutorial is best used when the kids are sleeping, if they are awake omit the steps you find inappropriate (probably 1-6)

Friday, November 7, 2008


The Husband and I went away alone for the FIRST time ever since kids (5 years!) It was only for a night but it's a start and so enjoyable. We went to Hollywood for The Old Crow Medicine Show concert. It was amazing!!! They are already one of my favorite bands so I may be a little bias but I am telling you that they are the most incredible band that I have ever seen live. The musical talent on that stage was stunning. At the end of the show they were joined on stage by Jacob Dylan and Gillian Welch, (both magnificent artists) I didn't believe there was anything that could have made it more perfect until that moment! I am telling you if they are coming to your city (or a nearby one and you need a night away with the significant other) go see them and bring your dancing shoes ( I know you have a pair). Yes I am bossing you all around, you will thank me later! If you are not a fan you will be. I swear I do not work for them, I just love them!
We stayed in a hotel with chairs like the one below. I have sort of a thing for chairs, some would call it a sickness but I just REALLY like chairs! There could have been beds of nails but that chair and I would have loved the place.
The next day we walked around Hollywood together, bought some new music, talked, held hands, went to a museum, took a few pictures, put an offer in on a house and remembered who we were together.




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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day of hope..

Today brings me hope for the future of our country for my children and yours
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Monday, November 3, 2008


Months ago Blake let me know that all he wanted to be for Halloween is a Mariachi Singer. For purely selfish reasons I have tried to steer him in another direction (have you tried to find a pattern for a Traje de Charro for a 5 year old??) It turned out to be a lot less annoying that I thought, I only had to scrap one jacket. The boys had a great time earning their body weight in candy. Christmas gifts are in the making now and the Thanksgiving Tofurkey will be on order this week, how quickly this year is coming to an end. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and you manage to find something creative to do with a childs weight in candy, any ideas??




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