Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wintery Update

On this winter morning I am......
- updating my blog for the first time in too long
- "Watching" the cub's favorite bear (he is very particular about the supervision of his bear)
- Worrying about someone more important to me than I can describe
- Loving that the temperature is on it's way up to a beautiful 75 degrees
- Thinking about all of the unpacking that I have to do and wondering for the sake of my children if the gene that makes me such a crappy unpacker is hereditary
- Enjoying the little "beep beeps" of our newest extremely cute and messy family members Jack & Sally the Zebra Finches
- Vowing to become more regular around here
- Remembering how much I love lists
- Excited to start cutting fabric for this and that
- Ending this list with a winter photo
a project now finished, the cub and my oldest and sister off in the distance

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First "Tutorial"

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The Spouse is working out of town for a few weeks. While he is gone I am responsible for; buying a house/ moving/ trying not too go crazy/ keeping the children alive. I love tutorials on other blogs and have been wanting to do one of my own. While this is not the beautiful crafty tutorial I was dreaming of I figure I will help the other women who find themselves in my situation. Here it goes, my first tutorial.....

What to do when you spill a bag of about 100 marbles all over the kitchen floor for the second time
1) Cry, the sloppier and more ridiculous the more effective.
2) Curse, pull out all of the stops, come on you can do it, it is interesting how many nasty things one can call a shitload of marbles.
3) Clean up (the marbles and yourself)resist the urge to throw the bag in the garbage.
4) Take a picture of them on the counter, you must document this breakdown for future reference. (spill a few marbles, point, focus, click)
5) Wait for a friend to bring Greek Food (Greek can be replaced by the fattening foreign food of your choice)
6) Knit, chat and laugh with friends. Fiber, embarrassing stories, trashy mags always heal.
7) Blog.
This tutorial is best used when the kids are sleeping, if they are awake omit the steps you find inappropriate (probably 1-6)

Friday, November 7, 2008


The Husband and I went away alone for the FIRST time ever since kids (5 years!) It was only for a night but it's a start and so enjoyable. We went to Hollywood for The Old Crow Medicine Show concert. It was amazing!!! They are already one of my favorite bands so I may be a little bias but I am telling you that they are the most incredible band that I have ever seen live. The musical talent on that stage was stunning. At the end of the show they were joined on stage by Jacob Dylan and Gillian Welch, (both magnificent artists) I didn't believe there was anything that could have made it more perfect until that moment! I am telling you if they are coming to your city (or a nearby one and you need a night away with the significant other) go see them and bring your dancing shoes ( I know you have a pair). Yes I am bossing you all around, you will thank me later! If you are not a fan you will be. I swear I do not work for them, I just love them!
We stayed in a hotel with chairs like the one below. I have sort of a thing for chairs, some would call it a sickness but I just REALLY like chairs! There could have been beds of nails but that chair and I would have loved the place.
The next day we walked around Hollywood together, bought some new music, talked, held hands, went to a museum, took a few pictures, put an offer in on a house and remembered who we were together.




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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day of hope..

Today brings me hope for the future of our country for my children and yours
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Monday, November 3, 2008


Months ago Blake let me know that all he wanted to be for Halloween is a Mariachi Singer. For purely selfish reasons I have tried to steer him in another direction (have you tried to find a pattern for a Traje de Charro for a 5 year old??) It turned out to be a lot less annoying that I thought, I only had to scrap one jacket. The boys had a great time earning their body weight in candy. Christmas gifts are in the making now and the Thanksgiving Tofurkey will be on order this week, how quickly this year is coming to an end. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and you manage to find something creative to do with a childs weight in candy, any ideas??




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Saturday, October 11, 2008


With my needles to keep me company I am spending the weekend healing from some awful wisdom teeth extractions. The weather outside is perfect for an evening walk but I just don't think my face which is a little reminiscent of Quagmire can take it. It is strange how I can miss my boys even though I have been in the same house with them for the past 3 days. Heal body Heal!

On the bright side:
1)The projects on my needles are slowly but surely turning into wearable objects
2)The fall like weather is perfect for soup and mashed potatoes
3)Less than a month until a weekend away with the husband (so excited)
4)My hat matches one of my couches, very important requirement in selecting a yarn.
5)Election day and change are just around the corner.


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The weather was perfect, the water sparkling, the trees huge and plenty. We enjoyed each other, nature, the excitement of being away from home, coming back to our room and the bed being made, exploring a new place. Lake Tahoe is one of the most amazingly beautiful places I have ever been. There is nothing like discovering nature's wonders with awe side by side with the ones you love most.
We have returned to reality with many pictures, memories, a few new books and the longing for more days filled with nature, peace and relaxation.




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Monday, September 8, 2008

On our way

We are leaving this morning on our long awaited, much needed and anticipated vacation. For the past week we have been having these conversations.. "Cubby, what do you want for dinner?" "Go on vacation for dinner?" and "Do they have homeschooling on vacation? Who will feed my sleeping buddies?" "Can we paint on vacation?" As I am taking a little break from the mad rush of packing, counting underwear, pants, blankies, knight shields (can't leave town without them) and sleeping buddies I am thinking how relaxing it would be to only have the stresses of 2 and 4 year olds right before a vacation. If the only planning I had to do was to make sure I had enough blue crayons and there would be mac and cheese where we are going. But instead I wait until the morning of to realize how much is left to do and then get on the computer instead. It makes it more of an adventure though, especially when I get there and realize I only brought my self shirts or no shoes. Lets just say packing practical items is not my strong point.
Now we count down the hours and then we are off. I have packed extra needles and yarn because of course I will finish the sweater I have on my needles right now. Even on vacation my hands can't be still.
Here we come lake, trees, fresh air, long bike rides, late dinners, nature walks, relaxation, adventure, mountains and treasured memories.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Lovin'

It has been a long time and I miss my blog so! We have had the worst luck with computers the past month, sadly losing a lot of pictures. I am going a little bit nutty without a computer but my mom is so kindly sharing with me (thanks mom) On the other hand I am getting a lot of knitting done. My needles are feeling very loved these days. Family and friends get ready for some hand-knits this holiday season! Although it is about 70 here even in fall I am going to be bundled up if it kills me!
Our summer has been so wonderful I am sad to see it come to an end. There is never enough summer for me, I always miss it when it is gone. Over the summer we have....
Discovered the Trolley

Spent so much precious time with my mom

and niece

met the sweetest Turkey who would make everyone go out and buy a Tofurkey this Thanksgiving

and just enjoyed every ray of sunshine, every sweaty nose, icepop, warm hug, splash and fuzzy feeling that the summer brought.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

3X a day?

Our Veggie Lady, (the woman from our wonderful CSA whose name I know not)gave me the best "recipe" when I admitted I had not the slightest clue of a good way to use our Kale. Now I am not sure if I could ever eat it another way. Here is the "recipe" it is very precise so follow it with caution it can be tricky. Actually I am not sure if this is even what she meant but it is what I did and it came out YUM!
The Perfect Summer Salad.....
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-A couple of bunches of Kale
-1 Lemon
-Olive Oil
-Feta Cheese
-Pine Nuts
-1 Onion (I like sweet)

1) Slice onions and Saute in olive oil,
2) Add pine nuts, cook a couple more mins.
3) Crumble Feta Cheese and mix in
4) Squeeze Lemon in, stir and take off heat
5) Pour it all on your rinsed Kale in your favorite pretty bowl
6) toss
7) EAT
8) Love it
9)Thank me and I will in turn thank the "Veggie Lady"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh splendid garage sales, how I do love you so! I had been so garage sale deprived living in the sad town where garage sales were few and far between. Now I have sooooo many to choose from. Our house now has so much more room than the last and God know I can not stand an empty space so I have begun the task of filling them, I feel it is my duty. It could become dangerous but how can I be expected to stop when I find deals and beauties like these.


I could live in this chair, I think it is the most comfortable piece of furniture I own.

I got two of these chairs ($20) and this table ($3) last weekend, what a perfect morning! The chairs or so soft I find my self petting them when ever I am within arms reach.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It has been a while, I have missed it. Here is my "This Is" for this weeks hosted by Three Buttons. Juddie chose this weeks theme.
This is what gives me goose bumps....
Seahorses, I know "they are just little sea creatures" NO!NO!NO! They have you all fooled! There is something unnatural and weird about them. I do not enjoy looking at, thinking or hearing about them. They creep me out, there is something so unnatural about them. This picture may not be on here long, it is small yet I may not be able to stand it.

Cotton Balls. I can not stand to touch them and if I were to rub one between my fingers there is a good possibility I would hurl.

USB finds

Somehow during the move my treasured USB cable to my favorite camera was lost! Not just moving lost where you don't find it for weeks but LOST lost. I have never missed a cord so much or at all for that matter but I am cheap and held out hope it would magically show up in one of these half unpacked rooms. I couldn't take it anymore and ordered one, what a happy mail day it was when that package arrived! Here are some pictures that were released from the confides of my memory card....

I love this carnival game (as much as one can love carnival games)It is the least of all evils and pretty if you really look at it.
A strange surprise, I forgot about taking this picture.
It is bright but captures one of those 4 year boy moments where the weirder you are the better. I love those moments.

A beautiful window in historic Old Town, I think I will be painting some windows soon.
Cub and his well loved but not by him Big Bird. As much as I love having toddler sized stuffies in the house I said no to this one at a local rummage sale. His heart was so "broken" that a good intentioned worker took pity on him and gave it to him. He tugged it behind him for days and has not touched it since. It was true love while it lasted though. Now that I have that out of my system I can start all over with a fresh memory card and see what happens. I have actually finished a few projects lately and am starting a few new ones. I can't wait to post about them soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New (to us) house

We moved! We are so happy to to be in a city that we love in a big very old house with
doorknobs like this and

windows like this

I even have my very own little sewing room, now if that is not something to make me love a house nothing is. More pictures of the house will come when I actually unpack. The beautiful weather, having my mom live a stones throw away (our backyards our connected by a gate) and so many things to do unpacking has taken a backseat to fun. Living out of boxes and bags for a while is fine with us for now, it makes it feel like vacation.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Softies, me and the toys

4 Fabric markers +1 old curtain + 4 year old creative mind = Sew much fun