Saturday, July 26, 2008

3X a day?

Our Veggie Lady, (the woman from our wonderful CSA whose name I know not)gave me the best "recipe" when I admitted I had not the slightest clue of a good way to use our Kale. Now I am not sure if I could ever eat it another way. Here is the "recipe" it is very precise so follow it with caution it can be tricky. Actually I am not sure if this is even what she meant but it is what I did and it came out YUM!
The Perfect Summer Salad.....
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-A couple of bunches of Kale
-1 Lemon
-Olive Oil
-Feta Cheese
-Pine Nuts
-1 Onion (I like sweet)

1) Slice onions and Saute in olive oil,
2) Add pine nuts, cook a couple more mins.
3) Crumble Feta Cheese and mix in
4) Squeeze Lemon in, stir and take off heat
5) Pour it all on your rinsed Kale in your favorite pretty bowl
6) toss
7) EAT
8) Love it
9)Thank me and I will in turn thank the "Veggie Lady"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh splendid garage sales, how I do love you so! I had been so garage sale deprived living in the sad town where garage sales were few and far between. Now I have sooooo many to choose from. Our house now has so much more room than the last and God know I can not stand an empty space so I have begun the task of filling them, I feel it is my duty. It could become dangerous but how can I be expected to stop when I find deals and beauties like these.


I could live in this chair, I think it is the most comfortable piece of furniture I own.

I got two of these chairs ($20) and this table ($3) last weekend, what a perfect morning! The chairs or so soft I find my self petting them when ever I am within arms reach.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It has been a while, I have missed it. Here is my "This Is" for this weeks hosted by Three Buttons. Juddie chose this weeks theme.
This is what gives me goose bumps....
Seahorses, I know "they are just little sea creatures" NO!NO!NO! They have you all fooled! There is something unnatural and weird about them. I do not enjoy looking at, thinking or hearing about them. They creep me out, there is something so unnatural about them. This picture may not be on here long, it is small yet I may not be able to stand it.

Cotton Balls. I can not stand to touch them and if I were to rub one between my fingers there is a good possibility I would hurl.

USB finds

Somehow during the move my treasured USB cable to my favorite camera was lost! Not just moving lost where you don't find it for weeks but LOST lost. I have never missed a cord so much or at all for that matter but I am cheap and held out hope it would magically show up in one of these half unpacked rooms. I couldn't take it anymore and ordered one, what a happy mail day it was when that package arrived! Here are some pictures that were released from the confides of my memory card....

I love this carnival game (as much as one can love carnival games)It is the least of all evils and pretty if you really look at it.
A strange surprise, I forgot about taking this picture.
It is bright but captures one of those 4 year boy moments where the weirder you are the better. I love those moments.

A beautiful window in historic Old Town, I think I will be painting some windows soon.
Cub and his well loved but not by him Big Bird. As much as I love having toddler sized stuffies in the house I said no to this one at a local rummage sale. His heart was so "broken" that a good intentioned worker took pity on him and gave it to him. He tugged it behind him for days and has not touched it since. It was true love while it lasted though. Now that I have that out of my system I can start all over with a fresh memory card and see what happens. I have actually finished a few projects lately and am starting a few new ones. I can't wait to post about them soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New (to us) house

We moved! We are so happy to to be in a city that we love in a big very old house with
doorknobs like this and

windows like this

I even have my very own little sewing room, now if that is not something to make me love a house nothing is. More pictures of the house will come when I actually unpack. The beautiful weather, having my mom live a stones throw away (our backyards our connected by a gate) and so many things to do unpacking has taken a backseat to fun. Living out of boxes and bags for a while is fine with us for now, it makes it feel like vacation.