Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Softies, me and the toys

4 Fabric markers +1 old curtain + 4 year old creative mind = Sew much fun

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A house for my home

I found this at a garage sale not to long ago. I was so excited I could have clapped, I somehow managed to keep my composure. I fell in love with it at once! There was an adorable old man who was having the garage sale. He was a guy after my own heart, collecting everything and not knowing what to do with it all. He explained to me that an artist named Louis made this in the 70's when she was very famous in the town of La Mesa, Ca. He told me they were friends and she made that for him, he also had a sketch book of hers somewhere amongst his stuff that he wanted to give to me (heart beating quickly here) Unfortunately I he was unable to find it and I was royally bummed but so happy to have this little treasure. It is dusty but loved. Everything in the house is a paper cutting except for a little white mouse on the top floor watching the kids play dress up. I can not wait to find the perfect place for this house in our home!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have been tagged by Sophie Hurray, my first tag!
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Six random useless facts about me. Ok, here we go

1) I have worked as a florist, a dog groomer, a child photographer, in a preschool, at a dry cleaner, even in a bar in Mexico, the only job I loved was a photographer. Overall though I hate actual jobs.
2) Before I had kids, I never wanted kids, I was going to travel the world. I now can not imagine my world without them.
3) I am going through a creative rut. I am convinced it is my house and moving will solve this problem. My house and I just don't vibe.
4) My favorite colors are brown and yellow, together, alone, I just love them.
5) My dream is to have Alpacas. I have even googled "Alpaca feet" I was very curious as to what the bottom of their feet look like. I did not find any good pictures. The next time I see an alpaca I will get a good look.
6) I love cereal nothing fancy or sugary. I could eat it every meal, I don't but I could. We have cereal for dinner every Thursday.

I made this shirt a couple of weeks ago. I love this fabric, I bought just enough for the shirt and when I went back it was gone. I have no idea who makes it, any ideas?? The pattern is Built By Wendy 3835. So simple so fast. Next time I will make the elastic on the sleeves and neckline a little looser and account for the fact my right arm is a tad bit bigger than my left (I never realized this and have become slightly paranoid about it) My goal is to make a couple more this week. I have not been making anything and am feeling a little frustrated with my self. I am in a creative funk.
The house I so wanted in this post is not going to be ours. We found out it will probably not be anyones. We knew it was a fixer but after we found everything out sadly realized it is more of a goner. The soil around the entire house is contaminated due to the awful previous owner and an illegal septic tank, ew. The poor house is literally falling apart and will probably be gone soon. It is so sad that such a neat house will never be lived in. I am glad we found everything before we got too invested in but it was still disappointing. We are trying to rent our house out now and what happens after that is up in the air. We are contemplating a BIG move to Austin. I have never even been there. We just kind of chose it. I have never lived anywhere but San Diego. The thought of moving makes me want to vomit but it might be a good thing for once. I think a change would be exciting. I think exploring a new city as a family will be an adventure and maybe that is what we need. Any Austin fans out there who can help convince me? Anyone want to rent my house?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forest Friends

We had our Cub's much anticipated Forest Friends Party at the lake last weekend. The kids had a blast, the weather completely cooperated and it was perfect. This is not to say that I was not totally stressed out leading up to the party or the fact that I may or may not have thrown a vegan chocolate cake that I made on the kitchen floor out of frustration only to call my mom and beg her to bring a new one the day of the party. Once we got to our site it was relaxing and of course I forgot about the torture I put myself through before hand.

Cubby decided he was going to wear his playsuit I made with a little persuasion from our buddy chocolate. He looks so darling though the bribery was more than worth it.

The kids decorated Forest Fairy hats that I sewed up from the Bend The Rules Sewing pattern with silk flowers and leaves. In Blake's case, "I just want one red feather sticking out of the top of my hat." They also decorated oatmeal boxes for drums.

They ran around freely sometimes with Owl Masks I printed, laminated and cute out from here.

Daddy discovered that the grass was full of ladybugs.

Cubby banged on his new drum (and has not stopped since). He even humored me by wearing his birthday crown for a few shots.

My baby is so soon to turn 2. Today was his last day as an official 1 year old but tomorrow it is an entirely different story. Tomorrow he will be TWO! I am hanging on to 1 as long as I can so if anyone is wondering my youngest son is 1. I am saying it as long as I possibly can. Hanging on to every second of todddlerhood that I can. Tomorrow I will face the reality but for now I am going to hang out here in the land of denial where all of us moms go the day before our babies get a little older.