Monday, March 31, 2008

This is...

the contents of my handbag

Ok, I have a lot of stuff in here and I just cleaned it out last week!
Bulletin from the Craft Mafia Spring Line up, gray kids socks,wallet, sunglasses (mine and kids), point & shoot camera in it's new case, OLD WEEZER pin, Artista Muerta card, yellow ducky, 2 softies my 4 year old made, bracelet from my mom, coins, car, tweezers, vegetarian meatball recipe, banana hand cleaner, buttons, gift card for restaurants, postcard for a patchwork show, note/sketch pad, package of wildflower seeds, a loose piece of old gum, a Hello Kitty pin(have no idea where this came from), Uncle Milton's ant farm club official membership card (it's not official without a card!), pen, pencil, outlet cover?, Quilt Craft Sew Festival coupon, bookmark from charinacharina, there was a purple bunny but it got snagged by little hands before I could even snap a picture.
Iris + Lilly picked this weeks this is. I always wonder what people keep in their bags and always imagine it is a lot more interesting than what I have. Now I will be able to find out!

Yesterday I had a girly day with my buddies and went to The North Park Craft Mafia Spring Line up. Where I asked a very tall man to take a picture for me. It must be hard being so tall. My husband is very tall and people ask him things that short people would never be asked so I felt like I was in the club via marriage and my request was not too obnoxious.
It was so crowded and there were so many talented women. I am doing a super thrifty no spendy month otherwise I could have spent a lot of money in there. This was a true test of my saving because there is nowhere I would rather spend my money than in a room full of local women artists. It is so inspiring to be around so many things that were created by hand. I wanted to come home on this inspiration high and start on a project but instead I watched kids splash in the tub with daddy, put them to bed and laid on the couch with a case of craft show fatigue.


Drewzel said...

Your bag looks like lots o' fun! Much more interesting than mine. Do you ever get sick of carting it all about though? I often get cross when I can't find something in my bag and just tip the lot out on the floor in frustration :P

Blossom said...

Thanks for your comment, leading me to your blog. And what a lovely blog it is. Gorgeous children by the way. Wow, the contents of your bag tell so much about you with the interesting things you have in there. Mine used to look a lot more like that when my kids were younger and with me all day, but now they're both at school I don't have to carry around nearly as much stuff. I kinda miss that though!!!

Linnea said...

Drewzel -I do get sick of carying it around sometimes so I clean it out. Then the next time I go somewhere and I need something like say, my yellow duck and my ant watchers club card and I think, "shit, I just took that out of my bag yesterday!"
It fills back up within two trips to town anyway. I do think sometimes that I may get some kind of shoulder problems from dragging it around.

Sherrin said...

wow, that's a serious collection you have going in your handbag!! those little softies look cute!

amy said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i can tell i am going to enjoy yours! and your bag looks a lot like mine!