Monday, March 24, 2008

Eastery Goodness

We had a pretty great Easter aside from some funky family stuff, what are families for though?
I love how magical holidays are to the kids. Blake was very interested in the Easter Bunny and how he got in the house and fit in in the tent to hide a basket. I always wonder how convincing I am answering these questions right off of the top of my head. I need some kind of reference book. This is such a great age, it is going to be sad when he questions magic and what I tell him. Blake wanted me to take this picture of him with his "favorite Easter present"Craft Sticks! I love this boy! Craft Sticks were his favorite. The answer may have changed if I ask now but it brings me pride that at one point he loved Craft Sticks enough to ask me to take a picture of him with them. Cubs loved his owl books, one of which was Little Hoot
It is such a cute book and the illustrations are wonderful! We have checked this out at the library and he was very sad to return it, now it is his forever. That little guy just loves owls!

I made this apron for my sister for Easter. I really wanted to snag it for my self but I gave it up. I tried to get her to take a picture in it but apparently her animal print shirt did not match the spring floral so here is me in her apron. I was having a weird bra day so please excuse that, at least now I know, it is amazing what a picture will reveal.

Now on to some new projects, I would really like to make myself a couple of summer outfits. I am going to use some patterns from Sew U and try a couple of my own. I don't have any patterns for tops though. Does anyone have any patterns they love?


CurlyPops said...

That's a really beautiful apron. Great work!

Sherrin said...

gorgeous apron! nice work! :o)

I bought Sew U, and have recently made a couple of skirts. They are really quick and easy to put together- and easy to add your own touches to.

Drewzel said...

Apron looking good!
I'm always buying (clothes) patterns, and then never getting around to making anything. argh!

PS. the kidlets are soo cute!