Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is.. an update

I have been a naughty lazy blogger as of late. I really don't have much of an excuse except for life and we all know how that goes. Our computer is on the fritz so I am lucky if it stays on long enough to read a post let alone write one.

This is what we have been up to...
-Enjoying every ray of sunshine possible , soaking in spring, staying outside until dinner, catching ladybugs

-Preparing for the 2nd birthday party for the Cub. I made him this outfit (oliver + s playsuit in brown linen) and crown for his gala. The oliver + s pattern was so simple and it is so cute, I sure wish they had more boy patterns! The only thing is, he will not wear or let me get near him with either one. He sees them and states in a very nonchalant way "Don't wanna" this is usually followed by me convincing him how awesome the outfit is all the while him believing one word I say. I have decided to embroider a tiny owl on it and give it a go because he loves owls. I also have some beyond cute acorn buttons that have yet to be sewn on so heres hoping that the final product will be a little more enticing to his particular sense of style.

This is the house that I am hoping and praying with all of my being that we are able to buy. There are some stipulations to the sale and some problems that we do not know the full extent of. I am hell bent and determined to do everything in my power to make it ours. We walked (without permission but it is empty) and fell in love. It had such great energy and I have always wanted a yellow house so it must be fate! Some positive house buying vibes sent my way would be much appreciated.

I have been reading these books:
(Homeschooling : take a deep breath--you can do this! by Terrie Lynn Bittner.
The well-adjusted child : the social benefits of homeschooling by Rachel Gathercole.Teach your own : the John Holt book of homeschooling / John Holt, Patrick Farenga.)
and seriously considering homeschooling, it feels right. Today at the park we met another homeschooling family who invited us to an event next week, it will be nice to talk to other women who have been doing it for a while. I never thought I would be a homeschooler but it really feels like it is what is right for us. We will see! Any other book or resource suggestions would be great!

I missed last weeks "this is" chosen by Dees from Daisy in Lala Land so here it is..
This is my unconditional, passionately loved and favorite book... I have changed my mind a few times since I knew what the topic was, it is really hard for me to choose I have so many favorites but here is one that makes me cry everytime I read it and I think I will always be able to relate to it now that I am a mother it is a heart felt book and the story behind the book is so moving also.
I also love, Oh The Places You'll go and Everything is Illuminated but if I listed those that would be more than one.
I have been tagged coming next along with some fun birthday goodies found on etsy!


Maureen said...

Thank you for the JSJ comment. I get to CA once or twice a year and would love to meet with your friend and hear his/her impression of the teacher.

btw, I'll Love a true delight. I first saw it when my eldest was just past college. I gave it to him anyhow.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The little overalls are great - hopefully the owl will make all the difference! My daughter had very definite opinions on what she would wear when she was 2-3 yrs.

Good luck on getting your dress house!

kennedy & friends said...

the outfit and crown are perfect. you did a great job and i'm sure this will be a wonderful birthday celebration! on the homeschooling thing....i have never considered homeschooling, but it is not totally out as an option. i like to all of my options open. i'm sure you will decide what is right and only YOU know what is right for YOUR child! :) I hope and pray you have your house. we have been looking for another house as far nothing we are crazy about. i have the book "love you forever" it is a beautiful book. my mother in law gave it to my husband a few years ago.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

The birthday sounds so fun! My little 2 yr old is the same way, she doesn't want to wear a smock I made her!

That house looks very nice! We just bought a house last year, so I know all the trouble it can be. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

My kids are really enjoying the toes and ladybug pic.

Have a great weekend!

Kellie said...

I cannot wait to see the birthday goodies!! What a awesome theme for him..
Best of luck on your yellow house-to-be!! I know it will work out for you. {fingers crossed}

Sophie said...

"good house buying vibes" being sent your way. from the one picture the house looks great!!!!

good luck - i hope the conditions with the house don't prevent you from buying it.

Erica-Jane said...

"you will have the yellow house,
you will have the yellow house,
you will have the yellow house..."

Hope these vibes help, hee hee!
Thanks for stopping by the attic!

Here's to spring!