Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A house for my home

I found this at a garage sale not to long ago. I was so excited I could have clapped, I somehow managed to keep my composure. I fell in love with it at once! There was an adorable old man who was having the garage sale. He was a guy after my own heart, collecting everything and not knowing what to do with it all. He explained to me that an artist named Louis made this in the 70's when she was very famous in the town of La Mesa, Ca. He told me they were friends and she made that for him, he also had a sketch book of hers somewhere amongst his stuff that he wanted to give to me (heart beating quickly here) Unfortunately I he was unable to find it and I was royally bummed but so happy to have this little treasure. It is dusty but loved. Everything in the house is a paper cutting except for a little white mouse on the top floor watching the kids play dress up. I can not wait to find the perfect place for this house in our home!

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