Sunday, February 17, 2008

puree and paper

I have been cooking from my new favorite cook book Deceptively Delicious! This is my carrot puree for the peanut butter and jelly muffins. The kids were not too fond of them but they are crazy because they were good! So far we have tried the "fried cheese" sticks and tonight Mac & Cheese both with cauliflower puree both were awesome and new favs of the boys. Jessica Seinfeld has the right idea here. I want to slip veggies in everything they eat and drink. I wonder if they would catch on? I could inject it into their tubes of toothpaste, just a thought. Moms and non-veggie lovers, get this book, check it out from the library whatever you have to do! eat your veggies, yum.
My first snowman has a chili for a nose! I loved him, I wish he could have stayed longer but he had to make some appearances so I understand, he was a rambling man. I never knew what work snowmen were! My first attempt was all wrong as my neighbor from New York informed me. I thought I could make a huge pile of snow and kind of sculpt my new man out of it. Boy was I totally wrong! I am not sure if that was a totally stupid assumption or just a Southern Californian idea probably a little bit of both or a lot of one, you decide. After my lesson we made a super snowman who Blake was too grumpy to name.

Last night I finished this amazing book. I have never read anything like it before it is so different and hilarious. I want Oskar to come and stay at my house, I want to make him some vegan cookies and have a little chat. I am going to be bummed to return this one to the library but I have requested Everything is Illuminated. I love the movie! I need more Johnathan Safran Foer books immediately. Zach and I were surprised to learn how young he is, maybe he wants to be my friend?
I started reading The Five People you Meet in Heaven I am halfway through and loving it. I want to know who I am going to meet in heaven. It is so thought provoking book already.
Read it, read it now!

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