Monday, February 18, 2008

Nature's "Goodies"

What lovely family day. I just love these days when we stay home and enjoy each other. After a day of riding bikes, playing out side and long naps, we took the best walk this evening before dinner. The boys brought buckets to collect their "goodies" The best kind too, nature's goodies. We found acorns Blake and I found each one cuter than the last. Cubby found sticks to fit in his buckets, he was very particular about which ones were deserving of going in his bucket.
As we were walking I was thinking about how these days of long walks and finding wonder in everything are numbered. One day Cub won't point out every tree to me with pride. Blake will not think sticks and acorns are the best things in life. How sad it will be when taking a late afternoon walk with mom dad and the dog will not be appealing in anyway. It reminds me that I need to take in everything and pray I remember the sweetness of these days when my little boys want nothing more than to hold hands and walk in the woods. Each morning they are a day older and a little bit closer to being grown up. Some nights I just lay there and try and rehash the little things that happened the things that just slip by without a second thought and are gone forever. So I will continue to harass my family with my camera and watch them with tears in my eyes. I will try to enjoy every minute, relax, watch my beautiful boys grow and love them with every bit of my soul no matter how much it hurts sometimes.

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Michelle said...

This post really struck my heart, it is so true and I am just happy to end my day feeling so thankful for everything that I have. I love you Linnea!

Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

aaaah the story behind every one of us mothers. my two are here with me now, quarreling. it's late,but soon are the days when a silence will fall upon my house and it'll all be a memory. i'm not ready. then again, are we ever?