Friday, February 22, 2008

Last weekend I went to the Swap Meet with my 3 favorite friends Michelle, Holly and Desiree. The Swap Meet is pretty close to heaven for me. How are there not huge parking lots where you can rummage through other peoples "junk" on every block? I love the hunt especially on a sunny day with girlfriends and no kids! I was proud of how I avoided temptation while we were there but afterward I felt regret creeping on about the things I didn't get such as a set of little girl and boy bells, mixing bowls, more aprons, a white owl, an awesome quilt, umbrellas for the kids and a few other things that I do not need but I sure want! I did however get these great things that I love... a brass donkey, a family of owls (I could not just get one) a bag with pears on it (behind the Owltons), 2 aprons and 5 little porcelain chickens who are camera shy. After hours of shopping we were in much need of some Thai Food. I am always in need of Thai Food by the way. It was so relaxing to shop and eat with adults especially ones that I love so much although at the end of most weeks I will take whatever adults I can get, mail lady, gas station worker, librarian, random person jogging down the road, border patrol.
Anyway, after my girly time Zach and I went and bought new bikes, our Valentine's presents to each other. We were so excited, jumping around the parking lot like little kids getting their first bikes. We have yet to ride them together and wont be able to until Cubby figures out how to ride on the handle bars or we get him a seat whichever comes first.

Michelle's pretty coconut ice cream.

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