Thursday, February 28, 2008

My house is in total disarray and it is
driving me crazy! Obviously not crazy enough to do too much about it.
Blake went to school today wearing one yellow soccer
sock and one black soccer sock both pulled up all of the way which on his
little legs comes up to the top of his leg where his underwear would
be if he were wearing any. He is not a fan of this particular under garment.
Oh and he is wearing shorts so it is super
awesome because you get the full effect of his socks!
He wanted to wear one of his game socks and one practice sock
so when he ran around and played with balls at school he would be
getting equal practice for both games and practices when the season starts
again. I love ideas like this! Cubby is walking around begging for
"Elmo Mobeeee" "elmo movie" and milk. I dont know what makes this
child think I am going to let him veg out on tv while nursing him.
TV time is seriously limited around here but he
is very persistent in thinking he is going to change my mind!
I guess that is his ultimate dream though elmo and mama milk, does it get any
better than that? Oh, he is also pointing to Zero who is in his crate
saying"EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW, PooPoo!!!" because Zero has a dog bone that
looks like poop and he thinks he is eating it. I love how
my kids crack me up everyday. Is there anything funnier
than the things our kids do and say say?
Jerry Seinfelds got nothing on my kids!

Our thrift store is
open today so I am excited about going to check that out and drop some
junk off. I am really trying to thin out our possessions. So far so good.
I am attempting to be ruthless in this project.
I get so attatched and emotional to things and I really wish I didnt.
"Aw remember when Blake played with this (plastic piece of junk toy that
is broken and he has not picked up in 2 years)
he looked so cute, that was suck a fun day. I can't get rid of it"
"One time Cubby played with this and then that night he took his first
steps and I think he might have walked past it. I should keep it."
I am trying to keep my self from that inner and sometimes outward dialog.
I just need to remember how good it feels to give and how great it feels to be
able to clean up in a reasonable amount of time.
Yesterday Zac and I took our first together bike ride. Blake was playing
at a friends so we put Cubby in a seat on Zac's bike and
I went around the neighborhood. We live in a very "hilly" area and I got a
little too confident on the way down not thinking
at all about the fact that we were eventually going to have to return to our
house at the top of the hiils. I did not realize what a big hills they are.
I walk up these all of the time but WOW is biking up them harder!
I thought I might die, literally slide off of my bike and die right there.
I give it up to these kids zooming around here on their bikes like it is nothing.
I don't know how they do it. This was clear a reminder that I am not a kid anymore.
Ah, to be young and able to ride your bike up a hill without thoughts of who will
raise your children when you never make it up.

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