Friday, March 21, 2008

Pay it Forward Exchange

I found out about this fun exchange on Who Put Me In This Minivan and followed it here to Meg's blog where I was lucky enough to get in. I am excited to see what she is going to make and excited to send something out myself so here it goes, this is how it works.....
“I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this Paying It Forward exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, which is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. (if you have one)”

Hurry Hurry!


Sophie said...

I am already receiving a gift from another lovely blogger, but seeing as no one has commented yet i thought i may as well sneak in!

I have a pay it foward on my blog, so we could send a gift to each other!

but if other people comment, please send it to them as i don't want to look like a gift hog.

happy blogging!

Michelle C. said...

Hey...count me in!
I would love to make it an exchange, it might be a little while before you get your gift though. :)

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and joining in on my giveaway! I can't wait till I have a little more time to look through your blog more thoroughly, but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I'll be coming back!

I would like to join in on the 'pay it forward.' I'll try to get it on my blog today, otherwise it will be in the next couple of days...