Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring, Bowls and Bottoms

Spring is here! I am not a cold weather person at all. Hopefully this sunny season will bring some energy along with it's warmth. I have felt like such a slug this winter. I am ready to play outside, garden, camp, walk in the evenings and soon enough swim!
We spent this lovely spring morning in the backyard. "Can I be naked? It is so warm!" My 4 year old asks me "Me too" says my niece, Cubby is soon to follow in this naked enjoyment of the sun. It has been a long time since Blake has played naked and I thought he was done with it as he has been rather modest lately. He even changes with the door closed or in the bathroom when he has company. I am not sure at what age I became aware of my nudity but I know it was older than 4. We put so much importance, sexuality and shame on nudity in this country and I am trying to teach my children how normal and natural bodies are and let them be comfortable with themselves. Obviously there are rules to this naked play, like in the backyard or house only and we had a good talk about how our bodies are ours only but after that pure freedom!
About 10 minutes into playing in the yard the big kids run screaming "Cubby pooped on the slide" and yep there it is right there at the top of the slide and Cubs is at the bottom singing "Poopoo in the potty" We are potty training and while it was not in a diaper it was not exactly where I was hoping it would be. It was hard not to laugh, his potty dance is just so cute and he was pretty proud of his creative placement. Sorry about the poop post, but I am sure many of you understand, Poop happens and sometimes it is on the slide.
Other than cleaning poop off of the slide I have been trying to finish up some Easter gifts. Easter is sneaking up on me this year, I am usually pretty prepared. There is a really cute tutorial on Bitter Betty's blog on how to "Pimp your bunny" since i am not really doing any candy except a chocolate bunny for each of them I figure it might as well be super cute. I plan on making them Wee Bunnies too but we will see I might be a Wee too late (sorry, cheesy I know)
I am very excited about Easter though it is one of my favorites along with Christmas and Earth Day.

The bowls up top are my Thrifted Tuesday find and I love love love them! They are perfect spring bowls, I wish I could carry them with me like an accessory. I am sure I could figure something out it probably would not be too functional though and I am all about functionality these days, functionality and spring.

Edited to add: You can also see my bowls on Hyena In Petticoats who runs Thrifted Tuesday! I am so proud that she put them on there, she always has the most amazing thrifted goods and check out her Nongs!


Drewzel said...

Easter is my fave too, as there's choccy and bunnies!
Those bowls are GORGEOUS, well done you!!!

Meg said...

I love those bowls! They are so springy!

lynne said...

those bowls are AMAZING!! happy easter!

Michelle C. said...

I can not stop laughing, this post MADE my day,

Oh, I miss you all so much!


Felicia said...

Those bowls are delightful :)

Sherrin said...

*gasp* the bowls!! I loooove vintage Pyres. I would be in heaven if I had have found those.

Jessie Earth Momma said...

I found those exact bowls at Goodwill! I love them!