Sunday, July 13, 2008

USB finds

Somehow during the move my treasured USB cable to my favorite camera was lost! Not just moving lost where you don't find it for weeks but LOST lost. I have never missed a cord so much or at all for that matter but I am cheap and held out hope it would magically show up in one of these half unpacked rooms. I couldn't take it anymore and ordered one, what a happy mail day it was when that package arrived! Here are some pictures that were released from the confides of my memory card....

I love this carnival game (as much as one can love carnival games)It is the least of all evils and pretty if you really look at it.
A strange surprise, I forgot about taking this picture.
It is bright but captures one of those 4 year boy moments where the weirder you are the better. I love those moments.

A beautiful window in historic Old Town, I think I will be painting some windows soon.
Cub and his well loved but not by him Big Bird. As much as I love having toddler sized stuffies in the house I said no to this one at a local rummage sale. His heart was so "broken" that a good intentioned worker took pity on him and gave it to him. He tugged it behind him for days and has not touched it since. It was true love while it lasted though. Now that I have that out of my system I can start all over with a fresh memory card and see what happens. I have actually finished a few projects lately and am starting a few new ones. I can't wait to post about them soon!

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Kellie said...

Congrats on your move!!!! I am happy for ya!
Those photos are great...I really love that window (nice angle)