Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wintery Update

On this winter morning I am......
- updating my blog for the first time in too long
- "Watching" the cub's favorite bear (he is very particular about the supervision of his bear)
- Worrying about someone more important to me than I can describe
- Loving that the temperature is on it's way up to a beautiful 75 degrees
- Thinking about all of the unpacking that I have to do and wondering for the sake of my children if the gene that makes me such a crappy unpacker is hereditary
- Enjoying the little "beep beeps" of our newest extremely cute and messy family members Jack & Sally the Zebra Finches
- Vowing to become more regular around here
- Remembering how much I love lists
- Excited to start cutting fabric for this and that
- Ending this list with a winter photo
a project now finished, the cub and my oldest and sister off in the distance


mystele said...


linnea said...

Oh what weather!
lucky :o)

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Linnea! Nice to see ya!

Meg said...

Hi! Remember signing up for my pay-it-forward, oh...over a year and a half ago? Well, I've finally got my act together and have something to send you. You can email me at carocaitbob at yahoo.com