Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh splendid garage sales, how I do love you so! I had been so garage sale deprived living in the sad town where garage sales were few and far between. Now I have sooooo many to choose from. Our house now has so much more room than the last and God know I can not stand an empty space so I have begun the task of filling them, I feel it is my duty. It could become dangerous but how can I be expected to stop when I find deals and beauties like these.


I could live in this chair, I think it is the most comfortable piece of furniture I own.

I got two of these chairs ($20) and this table ($3) last weekend, what a perfect morning! The chairs or so soft I find my self petting them when ever I am within arms reach.


Kellie H said...

great finds!! love 'em

I have a chair I want to reupholster which will never get done!!!

mystele said...

oh my goodness! i'm so glad our paths crossed! i love your blog, your taste in garage sale/thrift items, your beautiful, beautiful, multiracial boys...we have some cool things in common. i haven't even checked on the etsy order yet! just wanted to meet you, and what a pleasure it's been. happy, happy birthday to ya! really looking forward to staying in touch with you!